Sunday, April 29, 2007


Becky had her 32-week appointment with the baby doctor on Friday. Dr. Halberstadt said she might be amenable to inducing early if our schedule demanded it, so we might find ourselves having some "terribly inconvenient" circumstances in June.
Sam is now reaching a point in her language development where she'll repeat just about any one or two syllable word she hears, whether she knows what she's saying or not. Becky's trying to cut back on some of her more colorful explitives.
We watched "The Queen." We thought it was boring. Maybe if we cared about Princess Diana, or the Royal family, or about England, it would have been more interesting. I guess I'm used to movies in which the protagonist has to overcome something more tangibly sinister than negative headlines. I just need a ninja or a guy with a gun or a mutant fish or something. We thought "Prairie Home Companion" was pretty boring, too. I think we're planning to go on a Will Ferrell binge for a couple weeks. Maybe then we'll be in the mood for cinematic ambiance.

Sam doesn't get to eat until she does her chores. Here she is bringing the can back from the dumpster across the street.

She did a remarkable job with the lawn. This is before our crop of dandelions popped up. We'll have her spray this week.

We should have started this work-eat program earlier. As you can see, lazy-bones got into the habit of taking naps during the day. We're lucky to get a measly ten hours of labor out of the little cream-puff.

Monday, April 16, 2007

April and her turtle friends

We've had some unusually cold weather here in the Midwest. It makes us wonder whether or not Hamlet the heat-absorbing hamster is up to his old shenanigans again. Of course, we couldn't possibly know for sure unless we found those magical crystal droppings, but who has time to look?
It's warming up nicely now, and we're all grateful we don't live in Japan, where your toilet might catch on fire.
Samantha kissed a non-relative, naked boy in a bath tub over the weeked. She also gingerly touched his little bottom. I don't know where she gets this kind of behavior. No wait. I suppose I do.
The following pictures are little bit old, but such is the price of lingering in the non-digital age.
This picture makes Becky look like she's about 13 months along. She's actually mostly laying down on that porch swing.

Becky's OBGYN wanted another ultrasound, and boy are we glad we got one. Isn't she beautiful? And she already has teeth!
Sam's really more of a "destroying angel."
This picture was taken at 2:35.
This is 6-year-old cousin Jack. Jack is obviously not a tall boy, but he's wonderfully willing to hug and be hugged by Sam, who has a tendency to psychologically damage other toddlers and babies with her affection.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


A brief one.
Samantha has succesfully gone pee-pee in the potty three times. This is an exciting thing for her parents. We're hoping she'll be in panties by the time she defends her thesis. That'll be cutting it close.
Becky is almost 30 weeks through her 40 week gestation period. She's used her younger daughter to whack her older daughter upside the head.
Jon separated a couple ribs from an old lady's sternum during his clinicals.
Sam is seen here changing Godzilla's diaper.

This is Samantha with Tabitha, who lives next door. Yes, we are aware that they both share names with TV witches. Tabitha and her friend Hanna, have given the Tolman parents a few lovely Sam-free afternoons.

Sam with King Cholesterol.