Sunday, November 30, 2008

If I had a Wagon, I would...

We took little week-long vay-kay to Colorado last week. We had to come back the day before Thanksgiving because Jon had to work Thanksgiving Day. Some people are too dumb to realize that they're not supposed to be sick on holidays. All the Tolman siblings and their offspring made it. We didn't take as many pictures as we could have, but nobody looked very good, so it wasn't much of a loss.

Emma and Clara Benefield gracefully entertained our girls in the back yard for much of the week.

Hyrum Benefield is a boy who excels at rescuing imaginary aardvarks and chinchillas.

Emma Benefield and Eva Terry offered a Grammy-worthy performance as fairy princesses who assist distressed airline pilots. (Yes, I know Grammies are a dime-a-dozen. Come on, they didn't even have their lines memorized.)

Annie Benefield really helped Lucy feel better about her hair and her ability to appear feminine in general.

The ladies can be seen here preparing food, minding the children, ironing plastic bead crafts, and generally functioning efficiently.

Here are the women's husbands at the same moment.

As you can see, all three of these children have very different reactions to marajuana.
Grandpa Tolman just found out that all three of these adorable little girls are compatible organ donors.
Ben's feet.
Grandma Bowen, who has always been a little bit off her rocker, has now slipped into a more forgetful, but more pleasant state of off-the-rockerness. This was the first time she'd ever met any of her great-grandchildren.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Judging by the sudden drop in comments on our blog, I think we've alienated most of our friends by openly supporting the president elect. If it makes any of you feel better, he didn't win Missouri where we voted.

So here's some ultra-cute videos to prove that even people who voted Democrat can have really awesome children.

Well, maybe our affection for Mr. Obama has rubbed off on our older daughter a little bit.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Samantha attended her pre-school Halloween party as a Barbie Fairy. All of the other children looked like mutated gargoyles in comparison, but I suppose that's not a bad thing on that particular holiday.

In this shot, Sam is eating some summer squash, while her latest ex-boyfriend, Cliff, tries to drown his sorrows in simple carbohydrates.

It's a good thing her left hand is blurred here.

Sam is very intelligent little lady, though she definitely has some social anxiety when unfamiliar people are around. Becky's the one who taught her how to slink away from the action without anybody noticing at all.