Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Grandma Tolman was upset that her superpower wasn't displayed along with the rest of the family 2 posts ago. Well, I didn't think that the online community needed to know that she goes out sleeveless in the woods to fight crime. I want her to set a good example for her descendents.
However, as I don't want her to get mad and start slicing things, here ya go.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Lucy began glowing with an ethereal, nuclear radiance this weekend. So I guess her powers are starting to manifest. Hopefully, she won't give us cancer.
Most of you probably don't know that most members of the Tolman clan have super-human abilities. Here's a sampling.

Becky has beams of energy that shoot out of her eyes. It's great when our knives are dirty, it helps with the squirrels out back, and she can shoot my clothing off from 50 yards.

Grandpa Tolman has a sonic scream. Inconvenient during the NCAA tournament.

Samantha probably has the most potential to end up in a cape on the front of a lunch box. She started flying several months back, and she mostly just flits about pretending to be a fairy. It's a good thing Mom has her laser vision, or we'd never get her to come down.

You don't need to tell me that telekinesis or colossal strength would have been cooler. Invisibility certainly would have been easier to photoshop. Oh, well. At least I get back at Becky for blasting my clothes by peeking over the shower curtain.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Get With It.

For those of you that ignored my ravings about my friend's couponing blog and have yet to visit her site or others like it, I'd like to show you what I bought on my very first trip with my newly acquired skill:

And this is how much I paid for it:


That's 7 steaks for $1.07.

Seriously, are you gonna check it out now?

Also, today I bought 4 huge packages of Huggies wipes for $1 each after coupons. Nice.

Lucy was so excited about it that we had to put her on oxygen. Poor thing. The bargains are just too much for her.

Sam thought it was stupid because there were no princesses in wedding gowns.

And Nora.