Sunday, April 28, 2013

April....and March

 My, oh my. It has been a while. As life happens, blogging about life is one thing that tends to go out the window.
And goodness, how life doth happen. Since our last post, a number of happenstances have taken place.
These three dears have kept attending school.  Our middle daughter is reading, our oldest is surprising us with her grasp of physics, and our youngest has pioneered the field of empty threats. Notable advances include angrily clenching her fist at her parents, snarling, and warning us that we will get flicked.

 Jon accepted a new position as the assistant director of nursing at Concorde Career College in downtown Kansas City.  He's in charge of the practical nursing program, and if anyone knows any nurses who would feel comfortable and confident in the classroom, feel free to let him know. Only one student has been kicked out for threatening to "cap" a fellow student "in the ass" with her .357. He actually spends most of his time filling in as an instructor and dealing with the traffic on I-70.

Also, we're moving. After getting a little nudge from Jon's older sister, Rachel, we decided to rent our house and purchase another.  It turns out that the best house for the money was Becky's parent's house. They're downsizing and getting ready to go on a mission this summer, so we're buying the house where Becky was conceived.  That'll all happen in May.
Here's a picture that Samantha made for her mother.  We're looking to find a new home for our little, sweet, Pug-Dachshund mix, Peanut. The girls have decided that picking up dog poop is not worth the joy of having a dog, especially in a "new" house.  Their parents have felt that way for some time. She really is a nice dog, though, if anyone is interested. 

I promised that I would never ever ever let anyone see this video, but I lied so here it is. She really would be pissed if she found out that I showed it to everyone.