Monday, November 18, 2013

More Ketchup

Sam got baptised this summer. Her hair looked nice and everybody came.
 Nora gave a guest lecture at Concorde Career College on the dangers that giraffes pose to the human endocrine system.
Lucy went to a baseball game and took up chewing tobacco.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A little ketchup

So, Becky and I have been fairly engaged in the book-facing, and Becky has been pinning her life away on that other site.  As a consequence, the blog has fallen by the wayside.  I've decided to try and re-engage on tolmanitude, if for no other reason, then to keep a record.  If we had any regular readers, I've no doubt that they've headed for greener and more oft-updated pastures, but that's ok. Here's some highlights from the last several months.

Sam caught a frog. She named it mutton and then she chewed it up and made it into a paste and fed it to  some baby cardinals that were living in a fern on our front porch. Sweet girl.

Sam also sang a duet in front of a very large audience for her school assembly.  This video was taken just before Dr. Pawmer, the school principle, decided to streak across the stage.
We dressed up like the power puff girls for Halloween. Becky stole the show as Mojo Jojo. She also stole my virginity, I'll have you know.

Lucy learned how to ride her bicycle without training wheels. We've decided to limit her performance enhancements to blood transfusions for the time being. 

 She's also reading more than anyone else in the house.  We're trying to limit her to 14th century religious texts until she is ready to move up to vampire romances. 

 I had cellulitis on my face. 

We ripped out the floors in much of the main level of our new house. We love it, so we left it.

Just kidding. Ha ha.

A couple months were spent writing and directing a short musical based in the Star Wars universe using  songs from The Sound of Music. Seriously.