Thursday, January 26, 2012


Our youngest child turned three today. She's not sure if she likes puppies or horses more, but she enjoys both with mint jelly.

The other day, Nora came up to me and said, "Dearest Father, do you think that our lives aquire more meaning through our relationships, our personal accomplishments, or through the ritualism of worship?"
I said, "Eh? Oh, the last one I guess."
This horse galloped into our lives Christmas morning. We are very grateful that, as a three-year-old, she is thusfar unaware that her best gifts come from the thrift store. Yesterday, she was riding her steed and she put her hand over her brow and shouted, "Land HO!" Seriously.
We haven't blogged much lately. Sorry about that, but this is getting tantalizingly close to done. We'll have our lives back soon.