Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks for Colorado

Happy Gluttonous Feast Day, everyone. We went to Colorado. It was a fairly relaxed week in the Mile-high State, with movies, Balderdash games, and Turkey carcass parachutes dominating the festivities.

This is a fairly typical scene. The TV was either football or Team Oomi-Zoomi.

Samantha and Lucy gravitated toward their older, but not-too-older cousin, Eva. Mostly, they just tied leashes onto one another and barked. Girls have no self-respect these days.

Lucy and Nora gravitated toward Grandpa and Grandma's jacuzzi tub, which is a much more efficient bubble producer than our bath at home.

These are a few shots of the very cold, but very worth-while turkey carcass weather balloon parachute launch. For a more comprehensive documentation of the event, click here.

After a long drive home on Friday, our three darlings settled quickly back into their midwestern lives with a hardy bowl of grits each. I'm completely serious. All three of them wanted a bowl of grits at 8:30 PM when we got home.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hoofin' It

Today in my assessment class, we got to practice suturing. We were each given a pig hoof, which we then got to injure, and then repair.
So if any of you happen to get a deep cut in the middle of your human-to-pig or pig-to-human tranformation, I'm here for you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Better than a Urinating Bull

Becky decided to have her forehead lightened.

But before she did that, she went on a field trip with Samantha.
Now, I think I remember going on a field trip or two when I was in elementary school. Actually, the only special occasion I have a clear memory of is when a rancher brought a live bull to school, and we all got to go out and watch it stand there in the school yard and giggle when it peed in the grass.
Sam, on the other hand, went to the circus.

Here she is, sitting on the bus in front of another cute little girl that isn't quite as cute or smart as she is.

And here's Sam and Becky, sitting in their seats, waiting for the CIRCUS to start.

And here's some elephants standing on stools and doing the conga, which I think everybody will agree, is much more imprassive than a bull peeing in a field.

(Actually, Becky said most of the acts were pretty lame. Dogs refusing to do tricks, tigers moving from platform to platform over and over again, out-of-shape women performing poorly-coreographed dances)
Oh, well. It was the circus.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


My, how month doth fly. Month doth. Month doth. Try saying "month doth" five times really fast.
Yes, we're back, but we really enjoyed our month of extremely limited computer use, so I don't think we'll be posting as much as we were before.

So, here we go.

The weather has turned chilly, and given our three very fashion-conscious offspring a chance to take even longer getting dressed while they accessorize.

As it turns out, we DID have some hail damage on our roof, so a couple guys from Ashco Exteriors, one with biceps bigger than.... I don't know. He had uncomfortably large biceps. Anyway they came over and arranged with our insurance to give us a new roof.
Not incredibly dramatic, but it does look nicer.
Lucy's been enjoying preschool. It's a great school, but it's bordering on being a little too...evangelical for us. The other day she came home reciting something like, "We declare ourselves friends, in the NAME OF THE LORD!"

Becky, Nora and I got to join her on a field trip to the fire station. Life Flight helicopters weigh about as much as a Buick.

Some lovely people in our ward invited us to their 1-year-old's birthday party at a pumpkin patch. They spend more money on birthday parties than we do.

There was a large, bouncy thing that Sam handled proficiently.

There were pumpkins, which Lucy scaled awkwardly.

And there was a springy horse, which Nora rode obsessively.

And then came Halloween. Unfortunately, the best pictures are locked away on Grandma Sue's camera, but this is how our older two were dressed.
We'll find some pictures of Nora eventually, but this is about what she looked like:

And, since it's been a month since we posted, we'll have to include Lucy dancing. If you're tired of videos of Lucy dancing, go visit another blog. Seriously, what do you people WANT?

You may have noticed that pantless Nora was in there. She's been making a lot of requests to sit on the potty and making deposits about 10% of the time. Usually, it's a ploy to get half undressed so that she can then request a bath. Sneaky little trout.

And here is a video of our couch.