Monday, November 15, 2010

Better than a Urinating Bull

Becky decided to have her forehead lightened.

But before she did that, she went on a field trip with Samantha.
Now, I think I remember going on a field trip or two when I was in elementary school. Actually, the only special occasion I have a clear memory of is when a rancher brought a live bull to school, and we all got to go out and watch it stand there in the school yard and giggle when it peed in the grass.
Sam, on the other hand, went to the circus.

Here she is, sitting on the bus in front of another cute little girl that isn't quite as cute or smart as she is.

And here's Sam and Becky, sitting in their seats, waiting for the CIRCUS to start.

And here's some elephants standing on stools and doing the conga, which I think everybody will agree, is much more imprassive than a bull peeing in a field.

(Actually, Becky said most of the acts were pretty lame. Dogs refusing to do tricks, tigers moving from platform to platform over and over again, out-of-shape women performing poorly-coreographed dances)
Oh, well. It was the circus.

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