Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks for Colorado

Happy Gluttonous Feast Day, everyone. We went to Colorado. It was a fairly relaxed week in the Mile-high State, with movies, Balderdash games, and Turkey carcass parachutes dominating the festivities.

This is a fairly typical scene. The TV was either football or Team Oomi-Zoomi.

Samantha and Lucy gravitated toward their older, but not-too-older cousin, Eva. Mostly, they just tied leashes onto one another and barked. Girls have no self-respect these days.

Lucy and Nora gravitated toward Grandpa and Grandma's jacuzzi tub, which is a much more efficient bubble producer than our bath at home.

These are a few shots of the very cold, but very worth-while turkey carcass weather balloon parachute launch. For a more comprehensive documentation of the event, click here.

After a long drive home on Friday, our three darlings settled quickly back into their midwestern lives with a hardy bowl of grits each. I'm completely serious. All three of them wanted a bowl of grits at 8:30 PM when we got home.


JS said...

He actually has all the necessary skills AND the equipment, but we think Merrick and Berkleigh are to small to be stitching up. We feel they would think Tyson was hurting and not helping. He can stitch them up whenever when they are older.

Glad to see you back in the blogging world!

AuntieM said...

I have 2 questions about this posting and they both pertain to the "turkey carcass parachute".

1: Was there a turkey somehow attached to that balloon? (watched the video at the link and I still couldn't tell.)

2: Why? Please do not think that by asking why I am implying there isn't a perfectly good reason.

jon said...

1) Well, the turkey carcass was housed inside that little brown box below the balloon, and it was pretty much just the big breast bone. It got so high and far away that you really couldn't see it in the video. We had to make some technical adjustment to get the turkey bone to drop out. (We ended up having to attach a separate line to pull it downward through the cardboard).
2) Why not? Last year, I didn't get to participate in the turkey carcass detonation. I think my two brother-in-laws almost set Colorado on fire with that one.

erica said...

if you had tied one, or say, all three of your kiddos to the balloon you could have made international news, I think.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit that the mostly illegal, turkey carcass detonation that set the field next to the church on fire was a much greater adrenalin rush. Maybe we can do a rocket with turkey carcass next time -- to infinity and beyond!!