Sunday, March 28, 2010


Over the past couple weeks, we've been spending all of our spare time and some of our not-so-spare time tiling the kitchen, bathroom, and living room of our house. This was not easy.

Above is our bathroom/cranny. (I call the little hallway thing between our bathroom and the rest of our house a "cranny" because I've never actually seen a "cranny," but I figure they must exist because you look in them at the same time you look in the nooks. Becky actually did most of the tile cutting and grouting. I did all the setting. Thank you to Papa Thorne, Jenny Thorne, and Larry Clarke for your assistance, and to all the good people who watched the girls.

I don't think Becky would be very happy if I posted a picture of the living room before she gets it looking the way she wants. We're trying to craigslist our way out of thrift store purchase.

This is Nora after being told that she's had enough Cheetos.

And Lucy.

Monday, March 22, 2010


We've been busy. I accidentally wrote, "We've been busty" there, but then I changed it.
Anyway, we've been very busy with work, and school, ward talent shows, pre-school, ward choir, and a couple very time-consuming home improvements. We'll post on that in a couple days.
I think Becky and I have decided not to go forward with the private blog thing, mostly because we're too lazy to get the email list together. Sorry for those of you who were really looking forward to being exclusive.

This is Sam, peeking through at us from an alternate universe in which car tires are made of hardened cheese, congressmen behave like adults, and Evan Lysacek is known more for his skills with a switchblade.

A haiku:
Two daughters staring
Pillows don't need fluffing here
Sticky with ennui.
This is bread made to look like people's heads.

You might notice some residue in this clip that could hint at what's been going on around here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Angry Beaver

Do you remember this little girl? This sweet little Nora?
Well, this girl doesn't like going to bed. We've tried a number of times to just put her in her crib and let her cry herself to sleep. This doesn't work for two reasons:
1. She screams loud enough and long enough that it keeps the other girls awake, which is pretty remarkable since Lucy and Sam sleep like grim death.

2. Can't see it? Let's zoom in...

This little angel gnaws on the crib while she's screaming and ends up with a mouthful of wood splinters. What is she? Part gerbil? I wonder how long it would take her to chew all the way through.

Dad got a fancy-schmancy pull-up bar thing for his birthday since Becky is into bulging pecs and biceps. Sam's gotten more use out of the thing.