Friday, February 27, 2009

My Man



Thank goodness for my man.


Note to self: Put away all crayons while showering.


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This is the day

For those of you who knew the two of us before we were married...

This might have surprised you

This probably shocked you

This just might have sent you flying off your rocker

So hopefully you've become accustomed to us as a couple so that you can handle this:

Can you believe that Jon Tolman & Becky Thorne have married and created these three little things?
Oh, and yesterday was Nora's 1 month birthday.
Happy Birthday little bugger.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seventeen Crumpets

Nora was blessed this last Sunday. Grumpa Wendell and Grandma Deanna spent a little more than the weekend with us. Grandma reached back into the creative recesses of her brain and produced a blessing dress without a pattern. Though we would obviously never sell the thing, I find myself wanting to take it somewhere to see how much they would have charged for it. Of course, I have the same thoughts about my daughters sometimes.

Becky's dad is taller than my dad, and Becky's mom sometimes wears a green jacket.

This is Aunt Emily, who did a spectacular job with Nora. You wouldn't think a girl with werewolf ancestry could be so gentile.
The Thorne clan has always eaten in perfect synchronicity. The men are also on the same hormonal cycle.
These are Nora's paternal grandparents, proud that they finally have a genetically perfect descendant.

This is Aunt Emily, being casually led to the truth.

This is Grandpa and Sam, who have a healthy respect for American history and obese people.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Life is beginning to develop something of a routine with our three children, if by "routine" you mean mom and dad popping blood vessels in their heads every few minutes.

Becky is making spectacular use of the electric breast pump, which is both intriguing and difficult to watch. This is what she looks like while being pumped covered with blankets.

Nora has actually slept for a few 6 hour stretches at night. In order to accomplish this, we've given Satan exclusive use of our shed.

Here is me, experiencing a cerebral hemmorage.
Here is Samantha, who has cute hair and who causes about 64% of the intercranial bleeding.

And this is what we're talking about.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We forgot to post a couple weeks ago that Sam got her first real haircut. The night before Nora was born, she just walked into our room with a pair of scissors and asked us to do it. Daddy took off a couple inches of the back and evened it up. If any of you are in the Independence area and need a trim, I only charge 20 bucks. I'll be taking it out of Samantha's college fund when she has one.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fried Chicken

Nora's having just a little bit of trouble packing on the pounds, so we're adding pre-pumped what-not and occasionally formula while she nurses. We use the cool little tube thingy the lacation lady gave us.
She also can't get it into her comparitively small head that people sleep AT NIGHT. Hence the post at 2:30 in the morning.
Meanwhile, Sam and Lucy are getting to be better friends in the wake of Mom and Dad's diversion.
Jon got to help with a patient today whose torso was the shape of a cow pattie. Seriously, it looked like another fat person had melted on top of her.