Sunday, February 15, 2009


Life is beginning to develop something of a routine with our three children, if by "routine" you mean mom and dad popping blood vessels in their heads every few minutes.

Becky is making spectacular use of the electric breast pump, which is both intriguing and difficult to watch. This is what she looks like while being pumped covered with blankets.

Nora has actually slept for a few 6 hour stretches at night. In order to accomplish this, we've given Satan exclusive use of our shed.

Here is me, experiencing a cerebral hemmorage.
Here is Samantha, who has cute hair and who causes about 64% of the intercranial bleeding.

And this is what we're talking about.


Aaron and Melissa said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love it! And I love that onesie :) They are all too cute!

eNJay & B said...

that is a great onesie. good luck with the three kiddos.