Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We forgot to post a couple weeks ago that Sam got her first real haircut. The night before Nora was born, she just walked into our room with a pair of scissors and asked us to do it. Daddy took off a couple inches of the back and evened it up. If any of you are in the Independence area and need a trim, I only charge 20 bucks. I'll be taking it out of Samantha's college fund when she has one.


Rachel said...

Dang. I should have had you cut my hair while you were in town.

ecuakim said...

Amazing. Clark was only 5 months old when he needed his first haircut. I wish he could go a coupla years without having to get one...it would dramatically reduce the amount of screaming at our house.

julie said...

Congrats on the baby! I know this is random...Jon, do you remember a project you helped me work on in college? The gas odor eater? Well, I just saw my invention on TV today, can you believe it? Thought it was funny. Good luck with three!