Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seventeen Crumpets

Nora was blessed this last Sunday. Grumpa Wendell and Grandma Deanna spent a little more than the weekend with us. Grandma reached back into the creative recesses of her brain and produced a blessing dress without a pattern. Though we would obviously never sell the thing, I find myself wanting to take it somewhere to see how much they would have charged for it. Of course, I have the same thoughts about my daughters sometimes.

Becky's dad is taller than my dad, and Becky's mom sometimes wears a green jacket.

This is Aunt Emily, who did a spectacular job with Nora. You wouldn't think a girl with werewolf ancestry could be so gentile.
The Thorne clan has always eaten in perfect synchronicity. The men are also on the same hormonal cycle.
These are Nora's paternal grandparents, proud that they finally have a genetically perfect descendant.

This is Aunt Emily, being casually led to the truth.

This is Grandpa and Sam, who have a healthy respect for American history and obese people.


jenandbrody said...

Is that song from Veggie Tales?

Becky said...

I don't know. She learned it at preschool. They sang it at their Valentine party, for some reason.

ecuakim said...

The dress is BEAUTIFUL! Nora, especially, is BEAUTIFUL! What a sweet girl. Congrats, you guys, on your special day.

Johanna and Josh said...

If I ever have kids, will your mom make dresses for them too?

Jon and Becky said...

I think you'll need to let one past the goalie, first.

Aaron and Melissa said...

LOVE her dress! She looks beautiful! Brookelin likes watching this video of Sam- she can't wait to play with her again :) GET BETTER!!!

Rachel said...

Jon, I'm going to play it safe and not tell you what Emily said about whose kids are the cutest. But she did tell me that your baby looked dead when she was holding it. Wait. That's something I read on Brit's blog. Never mind.