Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Your Kids are Perfectly Acceptable

We've been to our first of 11 elementary school Christmas concerts. It wasn't nearly as painful as one might have expected. Each grade only had two numbers, and some of the ones that didn't involve our daughter were actually amusing.
I have to admit, it's very gratifying seeing your daughter up on stage and notice that she is quantifiably the smartest, most attractive, and most talented child within the boundaries of her elementary school.

There she is in the center with her boots and her red gingerbread dress, beaming joy into the world.

This is Nora, not watching the concert. Lucy didn't get to have a picture taken of her because she was a nasty little 3-year-old monster throughout the evening.
This was the finale with all the kids in the school singing. You might have to search for her. She's little tiny one with the halo.


Anonymous said...

Yayyy!!!! for Samantha, our beautiful little star!! And I don't blame Lucy and Nora -- it's hard not to be in the spotlight. Grandma loves you!

GordonandChrissy said...

So, she IS the cutest and smartest and definitely wearing the snazziest boots of them all. She is darling. And at about 1:06 I think you can hear her little voice start before everyone else. Love it! I wish we could have been there!!! Tell her that she did a GREAT job. :)

And, that picture of Nora is SO Becky. I don't know why, but it just looks like a face Becky makes to be silly.

Sorry that Lucy missed out on her camera time that night, I'm sure she wanted to be up there singing too.

Love you all. Merry Christmas!!!