Thursday, June 14, 2007


This will be the last posting before the population of the Tolman clan is increased, presumably by one. Becky is bulging. She's bulging to the point that neither if us would be too terribly surprised if a legion of Tibetan warriors came hurtling out of her womanhood weilding scimitars and hate in their bloodthirsty fists.
We thought we were going to be having this gymnast on the 15th, but Becky's sweetheart of an OBGYN decided to schedule her induction for the 20th.
Sam does not appear to grasp the reality of her impending loss of attention. She has, however, learned how to do a spectacular impression of a goldfish.
One of Samantha's favorite things to do is feed baby goats. We tried to convince her that she might get more personal satisfaction out of feeding Somalians, but she'd have none of it.
She's also taken to wearing her goggles. She does like to go to the swimming pool, but she's wearing them here to keep her father's spittle out of her eyes while he curses the ants in the kitchen.


GordonandChrissy said...

She looks so cute in those goggles. That's hilarious. Where do you guys go to feed baby goats? She is looking so old!

ecuakim said...

It's been a long time...I don't think I've seen either of you since the Villa days. Crazy. Samantha is absolutely darling! Nice to see that you guys are doing good work over there! Good luck on the next one. I'm thinking of you and hoping for a really good sleeper! Check out our blog:
love, Kim (Bushman) Aguilar

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, the reason our blog doesn't have an intro is that it's unlisted and the only people who typically visit it have been invited and are therefore familiar with all members and whether or not I have children. zing.

Just kidding, but just in case you weren't able to figure it out... it's my immediate family's blog (pre marraige AKA Gianatasio fam). Sheldon and I have one of our own, but it's currently under construction and has yet to be revealed.

But Sam is stinkin CUTE. Congrats on the new neonate!!! Your blog is awesome because it's a reminder of your incredible talent for saying unique, yet hilarious things. And thanks for writing! It's good to hear from you.