Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Parenting

Growing up, we had a dog named "T.P." She was named thus because as a puppy, she would leap up and unroll the toilet paper into a heap on the floor. Is there a law against keeping your children in a kennel?

If none of you have explored the links on our blog, you might want to consider playing "Kitty Cannon." The link is found below the heading "Sites that Jon likes." Since we've accepted the fact that we no longer have any ideals (see prior post), we introduced Sam to the Kitty Cannon. I like how she leaves Mom hangin' at the end.


Johanna and Josh said...

Lucy and Sam are adorable, however I really just want to comment on the little cyber fetus you have pictured. It's creepy, man.

Jon & Becky said...

Really? I thought it kinda looked like you. I thought you'd feel like a proud aunt!

GordonandChrissy said...

I know all you have to do all day is sit around and blog, so I tagged you. :) ha.