Sunday, December 13, 2009

Grease? I'll give you GREASE!

This is the face Lucy makes when nobody seems to care about previous posts that involve her.

These are two girls getting all boozed up for a day on the slopes.
This is story time. Nora is not normally involved, as she eats books.

You'll note that her front tooth has not fallen out, but merely turned a pleasant shade of grey. "Pleasant Shade of Grey"... is that one by the Mommas and the Papas?


GordonandChrissy said...

Very cute little singer! :)

P.S. I could see your light over your dining room table in the background, so cool. I really like that!

The Wynn Family said...

And quite the talented dancer!

Rachel said...

I forget the name of your gorilla child. What is it again?

Lucy, way to shake it, baby.

Anonymous said...

Here is my comment for Lucy: your cuteness will take you far in life.

Love Nora's adorable smile in the story time picture. All the girls are so beautiful!

jon said...

We named the Gorilla Claire, after her granduncle.

Johanna and Josh said...

Is that a screw driver Sam is playing with?

Jon and Becky said...

Yes, that's all she got for Christmas last year.

Johanna and Josh said...

This year you should get her a cordless power drill.