Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shakespear in Love

Well, it's in a notarized contract. In 19 years, expect to see the following picture amongst the photographs displayed on the welcoming table at the reception of the newlywed couple, Hyrum and Samantha Shakespear. We took a little day trip down to Springfield Missouri, where the Shakespears have recently relocated. Jeremy and I were roommates in college. He's now a dentist with four children. It's been determined that one of his boys will marry one of our girls. I'm not sure if we should encourage Hyrum and Lucy, as that would be simply too Mormon.

Nora and Hunter could work out, but he's currently looking for someone with more hair.

We spent much of the afternoon clinging to the shade along the back wall of their house with the twin babies. Here, Megan is in the middle of describing the size of her appendix.

The children got wet and probably sunburned. Lucy is amused at Hyrum's pasty studliness.

Samantha: "Hey, guys! Watch me shake my hair....out....."

Hunter is actually 6 months younger an d much more even-tempered than Lucy, but he doesn't seem to mind a challenge.

Only 7 years ago, Jeremy and I were beginning to feel pretty hopeless at BYU.

And there stands 5/7 of the fruit of our loins.
Not my loins and his loins together. We had to get two other sets of loins involved.

And on the way home:


ecuakim said...


Anonymous said...

awww I remember when you were hopeless.

Megan and Jeremy said...

Looks like you guys had an extra special drive home! Lucky.

We will be seeing you again soon to swap the chicken ;-)


Rachel said...

I want to play on the slip-n-slide, too. Why didn't I ever think of trying cartwheels on it like Sam?