Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sauce and Cakes

Well, the Thornes won 3-2. Your votes can still count if you send in checks or golden nuggets.

Terry's let the win go to his head. He's been holding shiny things over his head and is refusing to wear pants.

A few things over the last few weeks:

Samantha turned 5. She's still more attractive then everybody else's kids, but now we say "pretty" instead of "cute."

Lucy had courageous and ultimately victorious battle with pink eye. Wiping snot out 3-year-old tear ducts should be an Olympic sport.

Nora now has pink eye. We've felt bad enough for her that she's been aloud to exist in the buff. Consequences be damned.
My beautiful, 31-year-old wife also has pink eye. Yes, 31. That's what I said. She was 30 YESTERDAY, people. Seriously, get a calendar. Dummies.

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Megan and Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday Becky! Best way to celebrate is with pink eye, right?