Thursday, August 5, 2010


We got a package in the mail the other day from my sister, Allison. She has four children, who have been making crafts indoors because the weather in Austin has been almost as miserable as the weather in Kansas City. They had apparently run out of things to make for themselves so they turned their attention on our girls, since they're small and cute like dolls.

Nora was not outwardly happy, but she looked very frilly.

Sam is planning on wearing her outfit to school in a couple weeks. You can't see the shoes very well, but there are little cube-beads that say IAM on one shoe and SAM on the other.

Becky has also been crafty. She made this cake here. The stuff under Barbie's skirt was surprisingly tasty.

We've had a number of zucchini's picked too late. Jon had to figure out something to do with the behemoth squash.

Vualah. Lucy used ionized particles trapped in her hair to craft a portal onto a beach in 1923, where she instigated a fight between two wet women
Seen here:
And this is an obligatory baby falling asleep video. Mommy had just finished reading to her out of the Ensign.

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