Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Commeth

There's been some variability in the climate as of late, and it's led to a spectrum of activities and projects. We had three girls eating popsicles on the back porch. We had two little girls cleaning the table with soap suds, cheerleader-carwash style. We had one girl disco skating 'til the break of dawn while the rain poured afuera. Then the weather got bleak, and we moved the TV, cut out the baseboard and chair rail, affixed a cement backer board,... tiled over the backerboard, and installed a wood-burning stove. The exhaust pipe was surprisingly resistant. We figured we needed to have something to help us make use of all that wood we have after cutting down the tree. So it's current;y 38 degrees outside, but 75 in our little house, without using any gas. Of course, it smells a little bit like a campfire, but there are worse things for a house to smell like. And there's Nora, and her nocturnal activities.


GordonandChrissy said...

That picture of the girls in the back eating popsicles is probably the cutest picture I've ever seen. Especially of Nora! That smile is SO cute. That's Christmas card worthy. :)

And Gordon and I were CRACKING up at the video. Especially when you asked her if she was beautiful and she slowly nodded 'no'. Hilarious. She and Spence are so alike in some ways, he does the big sigh and shrug like she does at the end all of the time when he's pouting.

We miss you.

lawanna said...

Of course she's not ready to go nite nite! She just got all done up! :) So cute!

Rachel said...

Awesome wood stove! It seems like mom and dad have a picture of me with mom's foundation all over my legs. My face looked as guilty as Nora's.

Marcie, Ben, Presley, and Layla Cloud said...

I am rolling over that video of Nora! You handled it so calmly.. LOL.... Sorry we missed the hotdogs:( It would have been fun.