Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nobody's very interested in home improvement, so here are some shots of the people whose lives are being torn asunder by the home improvements:
Lucy no fits into the knit dress made by her paternal grandmother. Grandma Deanna created this using the tendons of fourteen robust wildebeasts.

It has gotten cold, as evidenced by our daughters' hats.

However, the hats are not always worn at appropriate times, so don't trust your eyes, people.

Awkward looking facial hair has popped up on people. Sometimes it happens prior to moustache/sweater parties. Sometimes it happens overnight. Sometimes it happens right after eating corned beef hash.

Nora and her evil clone, Nora.


Megan and Jeremy said...

Wanna see more of that stach and sweater man! Remember when we put pictures of ourselves as nerds on Do you still have the pictures?

I'm super impressed with your attic/staircase project. Very nice!

Maren B said...

Jon, I'm worried about your daughters seeing you that way.