Monday, March 12, 2012

It's done

We originally estimated that our little construction project would be done by Thanksgiving. ThanksGIVING. Well, it turns out that we had to work and eat and pay attention to our children occasionally and go to the bathroom and several other things that take time. But the carpet went in this last wednesday, which was the only part of the project we paid someone to do for us. A big shout-out goes to Kyle Cromar, who engineered the structural changes and did a good portion of the early construction, Joseph Dawson who assisted with the roof, Jesse Neidholdt who kept our house from burning down from an electrical fire, and Becky's family who helped watch kids and helped with mudding and painting.
So, this:

Became this:

And this:

Became this:

And this:

Became this:

For these:

Yes, that is a dog collar around Nora's waist. She is a puppy.


Wendell and Deanna Tolman said...

WOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Clever, hard-working, brilliant children. Amazziiinnnggg!!!

ecuakim said...

Holy Guacamole Batman!!!! That is AMAZING! Way to go Tolmans. Way to go.

Maren B said...

That's literally awesome-- I gives me some awe. Probably as much awe as it takes for a calf to walk from your house to mine.
Great job!

Michelle said...

Looks great guys!

Tiffany said...

Awesome! Talent!

Rachel Tolman Terry said...

That is so awesome!! It should be in a magazine so more people can admire it. Lucky girls!

GordonandChrissy said...

ThanksGIVING was my favorite part because I can just HEAR you saying that. Ugh. LONG process, but SO SO worth it. It looks amazing!!! I love the colors and I especially love the cute little turquoise desk back there.

Love it!!!

PS Is there only two beds up there? I thought you had three munchkins ...

You know Nora isn't REALLY just a puppy, right?

Marcie, Ben, Presley, and Layla Cloud said...

Ok, I haven't been on blogger in a LONG time, but I checked in today, I and I have to say, "Very Impressed"! I know the feeling on needing more space for kids--LOL..