Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get 'em while they're HOT!!

Would anyone like to have a couple large masses of concrete? They're both about 100 pounds with a short metal pole sticking out of one end. The usefulness of these things are boundless! Here are just a few of the things you could use them for:
1. Anchors...for those boats of yours!
2. Paper weights for really, really big pieces of paper!
3. Book ends for really really big books, like the ones you never read in college!
4. Awesome, manly piƱatas! Just get some guys together, put on a helmet, a blindfold, and some football pads, spin around, and start swinging that sledgehammer!
5. Centerpiece! Provided you have a steel-frame kitchen table.
6. Trebuchet ammunition!
7. Headstone, for a loved one that you didn't actually love at all!
8. An idol! If you're tired of worshipping the true God, why not switch to something a little less demanding? This mass of cement!
And those are off the top of my head!
I'll help you load them into you car.

It's been a bit cool over the last few days, the girls are bundling up with the few warmer items we have available.

The temple open house is going on as we speak. Jon got to help with parking the other day while Becky was helping with refreshments. We'll both be leading tours through on the 18th.
The girls had some friends over for a sleepover a couple weeks ago. Everyone was lovely, but I suddenly have a lot more empathy for my childhood friends' parents.
And really. Those giant concrete turds are available immediately!

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