Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Grandmother's Long Shadow

My grandmother was a gardener. She produced fruit and vegetables like America produces fat kids. She supplied her family and the rest of the neighborhood with greens aplenty. And she did it in the dessert of Utah. She's getting on in years now, and her capacity to bend and weed a bit limited.
We're attempting to carry on the legacy a bit. It's not a huge garden. It certainly wouldn't sustain us, but we might have a spare zucchini or two to share in a few months if bugs don't kill them like they did last year.
Nora eats spinach.

Snap peas and beans

Owl decoys don't really work. The birds are still getting our strawberries. Does anyone have a real owl?


GordonandChrissy said...

Your garden looks awesome!

We don't have an owl, however we have a nice fake (metal) squirrel that someone left attached to our tree in the backyard. It's impossible to remove. Would you like that?

Wendell and Deanna Tolman said...

The "dessert" of Utah? Is it chocolate mousse? Cheesecake? I think you mean "desert," my handsome son. Nice looking garden!

jon said...

Of course I meant the the dessert of Utah. She gardens on top of a giant dish of jell-o. Snotty.