Sunday, August 5, 2012


Our oldest daughter turned 7 years old a couple weeks ago. She decided to have an "UP" party.

The idea of an "UP" party is that you put a whole bunch of balloons on your house like in the movie "UP" and then you and a bunch of friends watch the movie "UP."
It turns out that there were a lot more balloons in the movie "UP" than any one person could possibly afford to buy. Actually, the balloons in the movie were digitally created in a computer. Our one little helium balloon kit looked rather silly.

Becky, in her brilliance, came up with magical craft ideas to do in addition to the movie.
Becky is better than ice cream cake.

This is a picture of 6 kids on a couch.

We borrowed Mike's projector and the big slanty wall upstairs worked pretty darn good. I'm glad we didn't build that room with a door because it would make a pretty sweet make-out locale.

That night, Sam wanted to paint toenails. It was her seventh birthday.