Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Merida's Liberty

We live in Liberty now.
We bought Becky's parent's house and we've been very busy turning it into our house. One magical surprise was the floor we found under the floor in the front room.
We miss our Independence water pressure. These showers won't even wash the soap out of my hair.
Other than that, we've been throwing things away that Becky's parents thought we might use. And painting. And tiling. And installing. And screwing. And organizing. And ...screwing the PLAYSET together, you perv. 
And Lucy turned 6.
She wanted a bow and arrow for her birthday, so we made some out of cheap stuff we found at Lowes.

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GordonandChrissy said...

What a cool thing to ask for on your birthday. She is a cool kid. And way to go, rigging up a bow and arrow! I can't believe she is 6. Time flies. Man. Didn't I just come to MO to surprise you when she was born? I think I did.
PS YOUR backyard is SOOO big. I forgot how big that was until I saw Sam run to grab her arrow. Man, that is awesome.
PPS I forgot also about the water pressure. Ugh. How do you fix that?