Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Fourth

This is Sam naked in the bathtub with her cousin, Maxwell Thorne. Max was born two weeks before Sam, but he appears to be at least two months behind in his ability to French kiss.

Two thursdays ago, Samantha discovered that Polonium has a half life of more than 2 months when it's diluted into a tranquilizer cartridge. Her mother was so proud.

We dressed up in a theme for this halloween. It was a little bit corny, I know but we went as the old Care-Bear-being-tempted-by-Satan-to-hand-over-state-secrets-to-Belgium combo.

She's getting tall now. As you can see, she has a neck and she thinks she can boss around anyone else that has a neck. Her vocabulary is increasing daily, but her speech still consists mostly of "no" and "Mommy" and "HHhhhmmmmmnnnnhhhh."

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