Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sex Info

From what the ultrasound technician with spiky hair tells us, it seems the number of testicles in the Tolman family will not be changing over the summer. That's right, Samantha will have herself a little sister come late June. This is extraordinarily convenient in the clothing department, seeing as how we have several crates of frilly, pink things that are already too small for our toddler. We'll just have take the recently purchased infant jock-straps back to Manly Babies R Us. If any of you are wondering what you can get us for Presidents Day, we want to start a Prom Dress Trust Fund.
To round out the news for the past couple weeks, it appears as though Becky's husband is rubbing off on her subconscious. She had a dream in which she obtained the power of flight in order to defeat a squad of anti-spinning Asians. She was dressed in an especially super outfit.

This is the young lady. In the video she was clearly opening and closing her mouth. This is good. Maybe she'll be able to bite Sam and keep her from inserting her fingers too far.

Over the weekend, we went to Denver for a lovely wedding, rife with oragami and puppetry. While we were there, Sam was kidnapped by these two old people. We'll miss her.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Becky. Look at those if you could look at anything else.


Megan & Jeremy said...

Who got married?
I think I saw those two old people on America's Most Wanted back in 1989. Kept sayin' somthin' about Ruprecht and corks on forks if I recall correctly.

GordonandChrissy said...

Um, we don't get to see precious little Sam much, so we rely on this thing for pictures and you guys aren't giving us much to look at. Just think about that. :)

Jon Tolman said...

So you don't care about our beautiful second daughter? You don't like to see your own sister's wondrous visage? I'm sorry for putting up pictues of people that aren't good enough for you to look at.

GordonandChrissy said...

Of course we care! We want to see ALL of you! I wasn't per-say knocking the pictures that were already up here...just hoping to encourage more frequent ones. That's all. :) Forgive us for speaking unclearly.