Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pre-employment Slacking

Well, Jon is done with school. He graduated Suma-times-got-his-homework-done from the accelerated BSN program at the Research College of Nursing. The graduates didn't get to wear silly robes or hats, but they did get a pin and a pretty yellow rose.
He'll be starting his nursing career in the Emergency Room at Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, MO. It's a huge, brand spankin' new hospital that opened just a few months ago. Jon got hired for the 5 PM to 5 AM shift, so he ought to see plenty of the gunshot wounds and car wrecks that tend to occur in the wee hours.
Since the Tolman clan had a couple weeks between graduation and orientation at the hospital, we decided to loaf around in Colorado where the weather was tantalizingly more pleasant.

Sam was really upset after the ceremony. She had a hard time coming to grips with the dean's speech about the severe nursing shortage in America.

Lucy got blessed the next day, since Jon's folks were in town. She was pretty relaxed, considering how little she had to do to prepare.

Grandma Deanna got Sam a nice book with learning activities that use pictures of Disney princesses. I would prefer she learn how to fetch the remote control for Daddy.

Lucy started to crack up toward end of the 10-hour drive to Denver. For a couple minutes, we could swear she was crying backwards.

Sam didn't make it across Kansas without her own share of mental scarring. She spent a lot of time at her grandparents' house trying to feed and water an ugly porcelain cat.

Sam the veterinarian at the Denver Children's museum. She put that stethoscope on and used it correctly without any prompting.
Aunt Rachel's kids got out the water guns. They're older so Sam compensated with increased firepower. Notice that Dad is unarmed.

Sam with her cousins, Eva and Spencer Terry. That object Spencer is holding is a functional multi-user bong made from tongue depressors, juice bottles and a cereal box. He was very proud, but I'm surprised Rachel let him choose that project from all the options they had at the museum. I would have had him do the hand-painted remote explosive device.

First take note of all the other happy children, pretending to shop for groceries, learning to socialize and adding up their totals to hone their math skills. Then notice what our daughter is doing. I think it's a talent she picked up from her mother.


GordonandChrissy said...

Such cute pictures! I love the one of her feeding the fake cat, hilarious. And, she definitely got Bec's dance moves.

GordonandChrissy said...

P.S. I don't think you could ask for a more relaxed and cool kid on her blessing day.

ecuakim said...

Congrats on the graduation and new job, Jon! Ah, employment. It's grand.

GordonandChrissy said...

I'll take Sam's taking off her pants to us, as a compliment. She loves me. hehe.

Weekes Family said...
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Weekes Family said...

Your family looks wonderful. Congrats and getting the husband graduated. You look great with the darker hair and glass.

We need to have a college reunion... at the rate I'm going it will have to be 30 years from now....

Jon & Becky said...

Chrissy and Becky,
If you gals are going to have a conversation through the blog commentary, you need to keep your conversation on ONE of the blogs. One side of a conversation involving Sam taking off her pants can seem a little creepy.

GordonandChrissy said...

haha. Point taken.