Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lucy's 5th Horcrux

Lucy's starting to act more like a little human. She'll smile and occasionally laugh if you have a good joke about Europeans that she hasn't already heard.

Sam has begun reprimanding her toys. The other day, after she was scolded for some mildly aggressive behavior, Sam brought several dolls one-by-one to her grandmother, stating "Dis doll hit me. She needs say sorry."

Other developments include counting to 16, excessive use of the word "scary", and retractable fangs.

Becky is working on Harry Potter 7. Jon cut his scalp with a razor.

That's all.

Dad rarely feels comfortable wearing this shirt anymore, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be enjoyed.


GordonandChrissy said...

When I asked Gordon if he thought this video was cute...he just took off his pants. Not sure why... Gotta go though.

Jen Scott said...

Your girls are so cute. I also love the commentary on your posts. I continuously laugh out loud.

Becky, those chairs are called Bumbo chairs. They are AMAZING! They can't get out of them, and they are this soft rubbery plastic material so they are comfortable for the little bummies. :) You can also buy trays to go on the chair, so it can be used as a highchair. They are about $40, but we decided we would just use these instead of buying to HUGE highchairs. Hope this helps...

The Martineau Family said...

Hey! Isn't it crazy that we all have managed to re-connect somehow all these years since Ricks? I love being able to "keep in touch" with the blogging. Congrats on the gorgeous little one(s), graduation and job!