Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The manifestation of genetics can bring about a variety of emotions. On one hand, a physical resemblance can give a sense of immortality to a parent. If you find yourself being trampled by a heard of stampeding antelope tomorrow, you can be small-hoofed to death with the calming knowledge that your earlobes will be enjoyed for generations to come.
We came across some old-timey photo-stills showing that our girls are wearing at least some of our genes. Nyuk-Nyuk.

The older picture is Becky. The older baby is Lucy.

We pray every day that Sam won't develope her father's cardiac dysrhythmia or shoulder hair.

After sitting at a computer for a grueling 45 minutes, Jon is now a licensed nurse in the state of Missouri. Since the consequence of not passing the NCLEX is something like a six-month waiting period before retesting and possible re-evaluation of employment status, Becky is now a wife living in a state relief.

Chillin' in da bumbo, yo.


Leigh Ann said...

What a cute baby!!! Your kids are really sweet and you look like a happy, loving family that does credit to the hometown!


Jen Scott said...

Yea! You found a bumbo! Lucy looks cute in it! I like that it is yellow too. I didn't know that they had them that color.

The way you write on your blog reminds me of "Lemony Snicket". That is supposed to be a compliment. He is creative, you are creative and a wonderful writer!

GordonandChrissy said...

Congrats, Jon!!! That's awesome. And, I like the bumbo. It looks like Lucy is enjoying it, too. Sitting up on the counter, just like you said she loves to do. :) I was surprised at how much your old picture looks like hers, Bec. And the one of Jon and Sam is amazing, too.

Johanna and Josh said...

I honestly think Lucy looks like Jon and Samantha looks like Becky...and Jon, sugar wax is your friend. For about $25 bucks you can be shoulder hair free for 2 to 4 weeks. I'm just saying...