Saturday, December 1, 2007

No longer pending, but dark

Grandma Sue was kind enough to purchase a couple water-proof cameras to document all the frivolity that took place in the Great Wolf Lodge water park. Unfortunately, such cameras are designed for use on bright, sunny beaches where flashes are unnecessary. The indoor water park was not bright, and the camera yielded few distinguishable images. Alas.

Ella and Baylee submerged in both their pseudo-angst and the lazy river.

Cooper, the future locker-room towel-snapper.

It took a skilled photographer to capture an image of Cassie Ralston without her finger up her nose.

Marc Varone is truly a good-looking man. It's not hard to imagine this scene in a beer commercial.

There was another picture that flaunted Becky's marvelous anatomy a little more, but I was vetoed.

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