Saturday, December 8, 2007

'Tis the Season to be Hoary

Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice and Cheery Kwanza and Plentiful Chanoonacka or whatever it is.
The yuletide season seems to have struck Independence Missouri in a fury. One day you're sitting around enjoying autumn and then all of a sudden you're lying frozen in a ditch with your fingers turning black and none of your shopping done.

As you can tell, Lucy's rash is beginning to subside. Santa brought her an early treat of expensive, steroid creme and about 40,000 bibs which help protect her waddle from exessive moisture.

After we threw Sam up on the roof to secure the Christmas lights, she didn't want to come down, so I had to go up to retreive her.

As the cold sets in, we find ourselves seeking out indoor activities such as the play area at the Independence Mall. They have lots of things to play and climb on and for a bit of spare change, a child can experience his or her dream of driving a forklift.

We discovered a new method for setting up an artificial tree. We didn't install the branches on the backside. This lets us position the tree closer to the wall, saving space in our tiny living room, and it keeps us from having to put lights on the back where no one can see them. Make sure you anchor the tree to the wall with some duct tape, though, or it's libel to tip forward and crush your baby.


Megan & Jeremy said...

Hey Jabba, that pancake must have been good! We've had some snow around here too but it is mostly gone now. Hope you guys have a great week!

Jon & Becky said...

They were actually spectacular pancakes. Spectacular PUMPKIN pancakes. I would be a lucky man if my wife's only quality were her ability to produce such fine breakfast foods. Fortunately, she has skills that manifest themselves in rooms other than, but not necessarily excluding, the kitchen.

solarlove said...

That is a great idea about the tree! We are definitely going to have to try that!!! You are so wise, so very wise!

GordonandChrissy said...

I agree, great idea with the tree. But, yes, be sure to secure it. You wouldn't want a tree crashing down on you. I imagine that wouldn't feel too good.