Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a long'un, folks.

Happy Yuletide and a very merry transition to writing 08 on your checks. The Tolman family Christmas was a bit spread out this year since we managed to swing over to Colorado for a grand Tolman family gathering.
We began the ritualistic giving of gifts in Missouri, where the girls were given obnoxiously matching pajamas. Sam actually went to bed when she was told that Santa Claus would be coming to drop off presents.
Sam had been persistently asking for a "Dora bike" ever since she started getting the idea that some mysterious being would be bringing her things. Since Dora doesn't care enough about her fans to make her merchandise affordable, we elected to take a hand-me-down tricycle from her older cousin Cooper and smother it with Dora decals and attach a $5 Dora backback to the front. Sam was excited when we brought it out, but when we asked her what she got she said "A bike...with stickers...and a backback." Oh,well. Get used to it, kid.

New book. Beautiful wife.
After festivities at home, we packed up the car and made a 10-hour overnight journey to Denver where we were able to spend two blessed weeks mooching off Wendell and Deanna Tolman and frolicking about Emily Tolman and the Rachel (Tolman) Terry and Allison (Tolman) Benefield familys.
Sam got a banana and Emily and I were very pleased.
"Then the angel appeared and granted three wishes to the wiseman's camel. 'First, I want a flying machine' said the mischeivious camel."
New book. Beautiful grandmother.

Hyrum Benefield, who is 6 months younger but several pounds heavier than Samantha, spent most of his vacation asking his mother where his Cars were or requesting cheese. The two did manage to bond a bit during "Wonder Pets."

"Holds the world record for the longest bowel movement-over two feet, without a break."

-Becky Tolman

This really is quite relaxing. You can come over and try it.

My father has long been our family's premier jello slurper. He only managed to down the top layer. There's a new king in town. Bow down.

Grumpa the troll.


The Hale Family said...

You look fabulous, by the way, and when I read your winning definition from BalderDash, I almost wet my pants! That was hilarious...and SO BECKY! Oh, I miss you.

Johanna and Josh said...

I think the real issue here is that your family still eats Jello. C'mon Tolmans, it's 2008.

Jon & Becky said...

Yes, yes, Johanna. Feel free to look down on the commoners who weren't able to overcome their clarinet-playing nerdiness and marry world-famous actors. What are they slurping over there in New York?

GordonandChrissy said...

I love the video of Sam and Jon running from his dad, so cute. And your family picture looks great! I really like how they have all of the kids up front with his parents. We're really glad we got to see you all, and we miss you already!!!

Jen Scott said...

How fun! You guys always are so happy!

ecuakim said...

Oh man, I know what you mean about the check writing thing. I've had to draw a line through and initial several 2007s already this year. I hate that. Makes the check look fake or something. Like, duh, this forger didn't even know what year it was....And about Becky, um, I think you've redefined poop for us all, forever, actually!

bnl said...
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