Friday, January 25, 2008

What you may

Look deep into my eyes...the gift you are sending Jon for his birthday should include chocolate-flavored furr balls
Sam and her evil clones.
Becky made these for some loved ones for Christmas. If you didn't get one, it's not because you're not loved, it's probably because you don't love enough.
As Sam tries to squeeze the cyber-life out of you with her death-grip Lucy is trying to save you with her angelic lazer-eyes. Blessed be the young ones.


GordonandChrissy said...

I love that face that Sam makes when she is squeezing something ... like the tender skin on the back of your arm.

Jen Scott said...

I love that onesie... and your quote of the week is fantastic! :) You are such a cute family.

Jen Scott said...

oh... and I forgot to say, you are SOO talented. Those table runners are gorgeous. When do you have time to do that with 2 kids????

The Hale Family said...

That onesie is hilarious. Where do I get one of those? :)

The Hale Family said...

Oh yeah, and the table runners are gorgeous. Does it count that I have a sewing machine that I have no clue how to use unless my mom is sitting right next to me?

solarlove said...

Okay my love, sorry I've been absent for soooo long! Your family is sooooooo beautiful, I need, need, need, NEED to come and kiss the FACES off of your girls (don't worry, I'll give them back before church on Sunday so the whole ward doesn't keep bugging you about where your girls' faces went...that is always sooooo annoying!!)
So we moved to Prescott, ya crazy, huh???!!! It wasn't at all what we planned, but the Lord always has different I've been thinking that this may hinder our chances or seeing each other soon and since my poor little heart cannot handle that thought, I need you to reassure me that we will indeed be seeing each other soon somehow, yes SOMEHOW the stars will allign and the super powers of best friends that we do hold will enable us to travel at light speed and see each other tonight...or maybe tomorrow because I have to feed "el missionarios" this evening...well maybe I'll come by after, how's that! Okay, to make a long blog longer...I NEED TO SEE YOU SOOOO DESPERATELY!!!!! That is all...I love you, La