Friday, February 1, 2008

Presidential Prayers

Sam has been taking education courses at the local college and has learned the ideal environment in which to teach a dinosaur to be potty trained.

She has been praying herself to sleep at night in hopes that the Presidential candidates will "stop the bickering."

A blurry version of Sam's ideal man.

You're never too old or too young to use ProActive.


GordonandChrissy said...

I love videos of them. Sam is so smart. But, hey, she let her hold the box!

GordonandChrissy said...

Did you know you can upload videos online for AFV? You should do that one.

The Hale Family said...

Loved the toilet, we have the same shower curtain! Great taste!

Johanna and Josh said...

Sam is one smart cookie (ha ha--no pun intended. Okay...that was totally intended).

The Wynn Family said...

Sam is a smarty! Good luck trying to pull anything over her eyes!