Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gangster Lovin'

Never underestimate the stealthy skills of a 2-year old.

Sweet, perfect, and sometime pukey.

Dang, it's still mommy.

In hopes of fulfilling NYC's slogan on Valentine condoms, "Get Some."

The "high" of Valentine's day mixed with toddler crayons.

"I want my yellow dress!"
Name that movie and Jon will write you a song.


GordonandChrissy said...

Okay, I can't think of the movie's title. But, I can totally picture the little girl on the plane yelling it to her dad. Does that count?

GordonandChrissy said...

P.S. Bec, you look hot in your wedding dress, and that picture of you and Sam kissing is SOOO cute!!! See ya soon!!!

The Wynn Family said...

I can't believe it you still fit in your wedding dress after two kids... You are amazing!!!

Jon & Becky said...

what you didn't see what that it took Jon 15 minutes and a lot of tugging to get me into that thing. If I'd have worn it for 5 more minutes the seams would have burst and I would have come spilling out like a bowl full of jello

Jon & Becky said...

Jenny guessed it! She can't comment here, but she sent an e-mail and hit it right on the nose, which isn't really fair because she and Marc are the one that used to quote it to me until I had to see the movie myself. But for those of you out there dying for a homemade song, keep guessing, we have runner-up prizes

Aaron and Melissa said...

Is it 'I'll Do Anything'?? By the way... good for you!! Being able to get into your wedding dress! Ummm... I can't fit into my old maternity dresses! I love the pic of you and Sam kissing... it's so cute!

Jon & Becky said...

It is "I'll Say Anything." Way to go Melissa! We'll try to figure out a prize that will be sooo worth your wild baby!

Aaron and Melissa said...

GO ME! I've never been right about anything!!! Woo hoo!!