Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Princess

Sam has started to exemplify her overabundance of movie-watching by unexpectedly pulling out the quote:
"But...I have the other slipper."

That's all for today.


The Wynn Family said...

I love it! When Acadia was 3 she was on a Cinderella kick. We went to have pictures taken of her and Trey. The picture lady asked what her name was. She spun a beautiful circle and said my name is Cinderella, and his name (pointing to Trey) is Lucifer. Yeah... That was when I decided Cinderella needed to be retired for a bit!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Louisa is also an avid movie fan...mermaid is one of her favorite vocab words along with Nemo and the phrase "I want to watch." It's funny though, how her movie obsession seems to fade away on my busiest days.

The Hale Family said...

DANG IT! Nick even said to me, you should call Becky and see if you can meet her half-way or something. With the price of gas, I would have to sell a kidney to get to Utah. Especially since we are flying to Arizona for Memorial Day and we have to drive to the airport in Salt Lake. I Just saw your comment right now. I am sorry I missed you!