Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Pictures of Our Blessed Babe

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Here's a few adorable pictures of our sweet, beautiful, simply-perfect-in-every way Lucy.

Our little angel sure does like to bite. When she draws blood, I'm not sure if it's because she likes the sound of our screams, or the taste. Either way, she's only really gone after us, so we know that she's expressing her yet unspoken love.

Our little dear also delights in weilding sharp objects. We've tried taking them away, but I just can't stand it when she cries. God's children are meant to be happy. Her squeals of joy are worth every trip to the ER.

And she's such a quick learner! Mommy got her a set of ninja throwing stars for her 14 month birthday and my has she developed some skills. All four of those were on target and one of them managed to punture Daddy's lung! Who could ask for a better daughter? Well, I guess everyone else could.

I thougt all these pictures came out well in B&W. It's like she's hurting people back in the fifties!

If only daddy really had been coated in plastic. It would have kept him from requiring a transfusion.

SO much cuter than smurfette. ROFLMAO!!!!

This one is cool because all you other parents can print it out and then let your less attractive children color it.


Brits said...

Haha that's awesome! I really like the last one.

ecuakim said...

Okay, so I decided to do my friendly duty and check in with the Tolmans and logged into what I think is your blog only to find something that looks an awful lot like MY NEW HEADER THAT I LIKE. I think, "These stinkers are TOTALLY MAKING FUN OF ME!!!" And then I got sort of bent out of shape about it until I scrolled down and realized that OTHERS were also being made fun of also AND TOTALLY ON PURPOSE. Jerks. Really really really funny jerks. I tell you what, when you're not exactly sure WHY Becky is being locked out of the kitchen, it's even more funny! Boy are you guys lucky that I've decided to not come after you in the night with my camera and black and white film...