Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Becky is a much more thoughtful, studious and intelligent person than I am. I had already made up my mind about this year's presidential election, but Becky was feeling very conflicted.

She miraculously found herself with a couple hours in which the girls were entertaining themselves so she did some research on the two candidates. These two links display the voting records of McCain and Obama during their time in the Senate.

Becky went through and made a list of the issues she cared about and how the two voted. That's how she made up her mind.

I went by imagining them both in a He-Man outfit and deciding which one gave me the fewest creeps, and when they both gave me the creeps, I chose based on which one hasn't cheated on their wife with a beer magnate.

I couldn't get the lists to go side-by-side. Sorry.

Against same-sex marriage
No to increased aid to Katrina
No to study on what went wrong with Katrina
Yes to economic stimulus package
Against the ethics bill
No –increase Pell Grants
N0-500 million to help vets deal with PTSD
Yes-embryonic cell research
Abortion-believes it should be up to the state, not Federal
Education-pretty much voted No to increase spending
English-supports it as the national language
Troops-thinks we need more in Iraq
No to Unintended pregnancy amendment.
No-to funding for Special Ed.
No-to increase $$ for child health care

Against same-sex marriage
Yes on to increase Aid to Katrina
Yes on amendment to study what went wrong with Katrina
No vote on stimulus package
For the ethics bill
Yes-Increase Pell grants
Yes-500 million to help vets deal with PTSD
Yes-embryonic cell research
Pro-Choice-but with a huge emphasis on education and prevention
Education-reform NCLB
English-supports it as the unifying language
Troops-says he will start pulling out immediately
Yes-Unintended pregnancy amendment.
(funding for awareness, covering contraceptives…)
Yes-to funding for Special Ed
Yes-to increase $$ for child health care

So there it is. If you're one of the rare undecideds, feel free to go look at the site yourself.

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