Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Things

Her hair is long enough to hold a ponytail now. She might as well be flirting with punks at the mall.

25 weeks and she's svelte like a Volkswagen New Beetle.

Lucy is to cuteness as Becky is to ultimate hotness.

It's like a small child is emerging right out from the center of the Care Bear's trachea.

Daddy and Sam "marched" in the Independence Halloween Parade. I was not Robin Hood, nor was I an elf. I was Peter Pan, which is less gay than both of those other things and Sam was Tinkerbell. I say "marched" because we were supposed to keep up with the Centerpoint Medical Center car and we weren't allowed to throw the candy. We had to hand it to the onlookers. So Dad would pause to help shy Samantha hand out some candy and then I'd have to sprint pulling Sam in her little wagon to catch up with the car. Sweaty Pan.

I had my first overnight camp out with the scouts this last weekend. Here are some quotes to describe the experience:

"Colten! Do NOT put burning sticks over other people's heads!"

"Herman! Stop balancing barefoot on the wall around the fire pit!"

"Jared! Take the rotten fish back to the pond where you got it!"

"You're really going to spend the camp out playing video games? Really?"

So yeah. A great group of brilliant young men.


Wendell & Deanna Tolman said...

Yep. That's a typical scout campout.

GordonandChrissy said...

I can't believe her hair is that long. Wow. She looks so old with it up like that. And so cute in her little costume. :)

And Becky, you are one CUTE pregnant lady. Seriously, very, very cute. :)

Rachel said...

Awesome costume, Jon! That's one lucky Tinkerbell.