Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alternative Post

We went to the lake with some friends of ours. Sam has asked to go back every day since. Every. Single. Day.
I wish we had gotten a picture of the ducks. They are NOT afraid of people and we kept having to chase them away. It started with Jon running joyfully into the lake, kicking his legs up behind him in a dance of glee and spray of water, but ended with the kids chucking handfuls of sand to keep the pesky birds away.

Little Nora slept away in the shade while we got fried in the sun. Sunblock. What a novel idea.

We think Samantha looks way too old here. Is it bad to covet a toddler's figure?
Tolman dictionary:
Bedtime: (n)
Pronunciation: \-ˌtīm\
Definition: a time for play

My love.


Aaron and Melissa said...

We had fun too! And my kids are ready to go back as well :) I even got some new beach toys! Thanks for going with us. You're right- that picture does make Sam look way too old!

Brits said...

What happened to the phallis? I was coming up with something good.

GordonandChrissy said...

That looks like so much fun, and Sam looks SOO old. Wow. You have a cute girl on your hands, there. Lucy looks really cute in her little swimsuit, too!

Jon and Becky said...

Well, we didn't have any responses in two days so Becky figured that we had offended all of our friends' sensitive natures. I think the comments dropped off back when we posted those pictures of Becky eating fake poo out of a diaper.
Anyway, you can still win if you come up with anything, since you're apparently the only one who read and/or cared.