Thursday, September 10, 2009

Less Successful

A few examples of some activities that turned out less than triumphant.

We're trying to get Lucy off the bottle. When we just took it away, she refused to drink to the point where she got really constipated, so we relented. If you look close you can see a lovely bottle rash around her lips. I got her to use this twirly straw the other day, but that only lasted about an hour. Maybe I should just start an IV to keep her hydrated.

This was supposed to be a meatloaf.

This was supposed to be a picture of something other than Sam's finger.

This was a very pleasant activity for our middle daughter, until she stood up and walked around on the carpet with her toes curled under.

This was supposed to be a thawing chicken, but those scheming naked babies are always running around and pooping in any body of water they can find.


Megan and Jeremy said...

Ummm....did we have chicken last time we ate at your house? :(

Aaron and Melissa said...

I sure hope that the washcloth Nora's sucking on made it out of the water before the poop entered the water!!