Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Shaved the Baby

See what happened was we went to feed baby goats again and then we stopped at the new playground before we left. There in the playground was this lady, who claimed to be from Chihuahua. Mexico but really she was probably a gypsy. I guess there isn't really a reason that a gypsy couldn't be from Chihuahua, Mexico.
So there was this Mexican Gypsy and she had this daughter who was about 3 years old and this little girl had more hair than any five normal adults combined. It was super thick down past her little tushy. In a jealous tone, I told the gypsy lady that her daughter had lots of hair.
She replied, in a very mysterious gypsy-like, Mexican accent, "Yes she does. When our girls are between 6-10 months old, we shave their heads, then it grows in thick. And here, take these magic turnips."
Actually, she didn't offer us any of her magic turnips, but we did ponder on her words. We figured that Nora is pretty much bald anyway and if it helps her hair grow, she might look like a girl a little sooner than Sam did.
So yeah, we shaved the baby.
Becky made some surprisingly stylish dresses for the older girls using her own shirts.
Sam was not prompted to use Magnum.

I think Sam kinda looks like a little Nephite here.


GordonandChrissy said...

I hope it works! Let us know. If we have a girl next, we might just do that. A little bald baby is assumed to be a boy - so, with Spence it's been okay so far. :)

Also, Becky ... um, hello. SO cute! Those dresses are adorable and I love them. I'm assuming you just thought that up and then whipped them up for your girls. You rock.

Rachel said...

Our friends from Mongolia shave their kids' heads, too, but they wait until the kids are three years old. It seems to work pretty well.

Those are some stylin' dresses, Becky. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is my inlaws JUST told me this shave the head trick like two weeks ago. They kept telling me I needed to shave Ashers head before he turned 1. They are also Mexican so I don't know if that is a coincidence or a cultural thing. I didn't have the guts to do it so I applaud your courage. (Plus I have a boy so I didn't really care.)

Jen Scott said...

Love the dresses! Maybe I will do it. Did you have a tutorial?

Aaron and Melissa said...

I love the dresses! Brookelin didn't have anything for me to shave until after she was 2! At least your girls have a little bit of hair :) I LOVE bald babies- they are my favorite!! And we are missing your babies around here lately....

Jen Scott said...

I don't have the picture up on the blog anymore. I deleted it. But if you give me your email, I will send the pic to you. :)

Joy is a good word to do. I was thinking of Believe, but to long, and at $2 a letter... um no.

Sarah said...

Ok shaving the head totally works. When Kale was a baby his hair was falling out but only on top so I shaved the whole thing. He has the thickest and most hair you have ever seen. A friend of mine told me that they all do that in China, but she said they also clip their eyelashes so they grow long too. I didn't try that.