Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lucy is not as linguistically gifted as her older sister. Sam was talking in very complete, understandable sentences by this age. However, Lucy is getting much better about putting words together and has developed a functional, individual vocabulary, some of which is as follows:
Mommy = MOMMEEE!!!
Daddy = DADDEEEE!!!
Sam = Drai-jrai (no idea)
Nora = Baby
Bottle = Bahbo
Nose = Bop bop
Horse = Gidyup, or Eeehaw
Food = Eat
Dora = Dada
Ear = Eeeyoo
Insect = Dubby
Any color = Puhpoh (Purple)
Any fruit = Appoh
So, when discussing an orange: "Lucy, what's this?" "Appoh" "No, it's an orange. Can you say 'orange'?" "Puhpoh."
Waaboo dwee no no daymo Drai-jrai hahpoo fai = If you don't take that toy away from Sam and give it to me, I'm going to burn the couch.


GordonandChrissy said...

We were both laughing at the last sentence and translation. Hilarious.

Where in the world does the name for Sam come from?

Rachel said...

Does "bop bop" have anything to do with the way her nose is employed?

Jon and Becky said...

Yes, Bop bop is the sound your nose makes when you hit it. Likewise, a cow is a "moo," a dog is a "Aaaoooo," and a cat is a "EEEooww."