Sunday, November 1, 2009


The spookiest and least diabetic-friendly holiday has passed over the Tolman household. Come to think of it, Halloween is a lot like Passover, but with fewer feasts, more costumes, and less Judaism.

Our youngest was an apple. Or a strawberry. Or a chili. I think it was probably an apple, since it had a worm on it, but she's shaped more like a chili, and she tastes more like provolone.

Lucy was an African version of Cruella DeVille. Has no one else heard of "101 Wildebeasts"?

Samantha pranced about as an adorable invertebrate.

Superdad. Delivering chilis to the hungry children of the world.
There was actually a version that involved red jocky shorts instead of running shorts, but we figured that if Dad's superness was making us uncomfortable, it would likely make the neighborhood children and their parents uncomfortable as well.

Rebecca Tolman, the unwashed lima bean.

It was a theme. All things from nature. An apple, a ladybug, a zebra, and a creepy doofus.


Rachel said...

I like how the apple camouflaged into SuperDad's costume. Take that, Kidnappers!

Aaron and Melissa said...

Very cute! Looks like fun!

GordonandChrissy said...

Cute costumes! And, as always ... hilarious descriptions. :)

Anonymous said...

There just adorable!! Including the creepy doofus, who used to dress up as an insulin syringe, or a tube of toothpaste, or Lifesaver-Man.