Friday, April 30, 2010

Las Mesas

Here are two girls, one of which has recently had her first authorized haircut. They are painting at a table in the yard. In the shade. Twitter tweet.

Here are those same two girls on the same day, sitting at picnic table constructed by their parents. Out of lumber. Brrrrzzzzzzzz.

Here is a third girl being held by her shiny-headed father on a Sunday morning. Aaaaaaaamennnnnnnnn.


Jen Scott said...

I love the picnic table. Did you get the plans from the Knock off wood site?

Good job... good job!

Jon and Becky said...

Yes we did. We are LOVING that site!

Stephanie said...

The table looks awesome! And the girls look cute, too. :)

I love the outfit Nora is wearing, did you make that?

Stephanie said...

Oops - that was me, Chrissy - Steph and Taylor are visiting here. :)

Jon and Becky said...

Ahh...not that I'm disappointed that it's Chrissy, but I was excited that Stephanie commented. Oh well, I'll take Chrissy's comments over a hand full of cotton-candy.
But, no, I didn't. It's a hand-me-down from some lovely person.

AuntieM said...

I don't think there are cuter girls now on the planet. My nieces are AS cute, and the child now in my womb will be at LEAST as cute, but right now, on Earth, I'd bet none cuter.