Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nitrous oxide, Commencement, and Rogue Zucchinni

And life progresses steadily onward for the Tolman clan. Samantha has had 2 of 7 cavities addressed. The first was filled, the second more rotten hole resulted in a quick extraction. That laughing gas is good stuff.

Lucy "graduated" from her first year of preschool. She was voted by her class as cutest and the most likely to be photographed in a cocaine-fueled rage.

This was her a couple days later.

Nora has gone pee in the potty for two days in a row. I believe our current box of diapers is the last we will have ever purchased. Can you feel it? Can you feel that fresh summer breeze? It's a beautiful day.

A red strawberry. This was eaten a couple hours later by one of the aviary creatures with whom we share our land.

Seriously people. Don't you want to be loving parents to one of these orphaned zucchinni plants? Our onions and broccoli insist they need more room. As much as I hate to play favorites... something's got to go. So sad.


GordonandChrissy said...

Nora is so cute on the little potty! Spencer is totally not interested still. We took him out to buy special "potty treats" that he only gets when he goes on the potty, and he sees them up in the pantry and knows what they are but refuses to sit on the potty. I say, "Don't you want to sit on the potty like a big boy?"

"No, you sit on the potty like a Mommy."

Ah well. More diapers for us. :)

And good luck with your zucchini. You know we'd take it in a second if we were close by. Even if it is kind of ABC zucchini. ha.

Rachel said...

I want a zucchini plant. You're an awesome gardener!